There are a number of key skills employers look for in job applicants. And the top five employability skills can vary depending on whom you ask, or from various human resource surveys. However, your objective should be listing your key strengths and determining which of the top skills you possess. Subsequently, work on top employability skills in which you are inexperienced. Meanwhile, provide examples of key skills on your resume if you are just starting your career.


All employees need communication skills, even the most inexperienced workers. Trainees must know how to ask supervisors how to perform various tasks when they need assistance. Managers must convey instructions to workers in a simple manner so they perform their jobs effectively. Managers and executives use oral communication skills while presenting important data to others in the company. Writing skills are also crucial in the business work. You need to be able to convey basic concepts in easy-to-read format. Use charts and graphs to depict various statistics or sales figures in reports. Explain esoteric terms related to your field in which others are not familiar.


All employees must be organized to perform their jobs efficiently. There are only so many hours in a workweek. Therefore, plan your time so you get the most done. Use organizers from office supply stores to record important meetings or project due dates. Delegate tasks that subordinate employees can perform for you. Prioritize tasks and projects according to their importance. For example, handle problems with customers before working on your budget. If you work in a retail establishment, perform inventory during slow periods when customer traffic is minimal.

Strong Work Ethic

Many employers seek workers who can perform their jobs with little supervision. Those with strong work ethics know how to focus on tasks and completed projects. Subsequently, they ask for more work when they complete projects. Demonstrate your strong work ethic by staying late when necessary. Avoid excessive chatter or activities that impede your productivity. Choose a career in which you are passionate or knowledgeable if you are seeking your first position out of college.


Most employers expect their managers and associates to work in teams. Teamwork involves getting along with others while completing projects. Many companies form cross-functional teams when working on important projects like introducing new products. Cross-functional teams are those composed of managers from different departments, such as marketing research, finance and product management. Managers and supervisors must know how to motivate others and control conflict in a team environment, according to, an online job and reference site. Set your individual goals aside when working on a team project. Take the lead on tasks related to your field. Help others who are falling behind schedule.

Computer Skills

In 2011, practically all employees have desktop computers or laptops. Computer skills include knowing how to operate computers and use various software packages. Common software packages include word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software; and programs used for compiling lists or databases. Know the types of computer skills you will use on a job. Taking computer courses for software applications in which you are inexperienced.