Building a brand is serious business and is vital to the success of any company or product. A central component of the brand building process is defining brand objectives. By developing brand objectives -- a marketing management function -- you are using appropriate strategies and tactics to target the consumer. Understanding and incorporating these objectives will enable you to build a foundation for a successful brand.

Brand Loyalty

If given a choice between trying a new brand or sticking with an old one that's worked just fine, then chances are consumers will go with a brand they already know. To change the minds of consumers, you must strongly convince them of why they should select your brand. You want them to know that you have a created a quality product that is worth purchasing. It's called a value proposition, what distinguishes your product from others.

Brand Awareness

By creating awareness of your brand, you want consumers to not only recognize it, but also recall it when they are shopping. By creating this retention through different marketing channels -- advertising, word of mouth, direct marketing -- you are creating brand exposure, and thus brand awareness. When done successfully, the next time they are shopping and see your product, consumers will not only remember it, but buy it.

Perceived Quality

If consumers believe a brand has an inherent value, which they see as high, then they tend to buy into it. Perceived quality can be based on variables such as performance, features, reliability and durability. You want consumers to build confidence in your brand. This objective is the most linked to brand profits: to consumers, the greater the quality, the greater the worth.

Brand Identity

To build a strong brand, the key is to develop and implement a brand identity. Brand associations can be perceived through icons and symbols, product attributes or a spokesperson. The objective is for consumers to relate your brand to something already familiar to them. Creating an emotional connection between the consumer and the brand is very effective for brand building.