When a recruiter interviews several candidates for a single job opening, he must evaluate each candidate to determine whether they are right for the job. Havng an evaluation sheet allows the recruiter to analyze each candidate based on specific criteria developed by the company for the job in question. The evaluation sheet sets forth what the employer is looking for so he can find the right person for the job.

Finding Right Candidates

Just because all the candidates chosen for the job interview may be nice and friendly, not all of them will thrive in a particular job. The interview evaluation sheet helps the recruiter determine whether each candidate has the particular drive and attitude to complete the job in question. For example, sales and customer service employers can evaluate their interviewees based on their public speaking skills and approachability to weed out any who come across as shy or introverted.

Company Need

The interview evaluation sheet allows the recruiter to compare the qualifications and skills of the candidates to the needs and demands of the job position. Alone, a candidate’s resume can look impressive, but if it does not match the demands of the position, it may not be useful for the company. The interview evaluation sheet gives the recruiter a framework to follow in determining which candidate fits with what the company needs.


Part of the hiring process includes determining how much training the new hire will need if he is chosen for the job. People who have worked in a similar position may not need as much practical training, which can save the company both time and money. One of the reasons for having an interview evaluation sheet is to compare the past work experiences of the candidates and choose the one who may best ease into the position without feeling lost or intimidated.

Long-Term Commitments

Evaluating candidates and their resumes can also reveal how devoted and motivated the candidates are to get the job. While some people are willing to work any job for some money, others may have the career goal of getting this particular type of job. The recruiter should look for someone who has objectives to work this type of position, rather than choose someone nice who will leave for a higher paying job a few months after hire.