If you are opening your own flower store then you will need to stand out from the competition with some innovative and eye-catching ideas. Even if you have owned a store for several years, changing or rearranging up the look and setup of your store may attract new customers and improve your reputation. Some ideas to consider for your business include developing a website and changing what you sell.

Start-Up Ideas


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If you are starting up a florist as a small business, consider some ideas for how you might run your store. Some florists sell flower cuttings and potted plants wholesale to other flower stores through delivery or at market. Others might grow their own flowers and sell to a local clientele. A great idea for any start-up or existing business is to create arrangements for special occasions such as weddings and funerals. Floral arrangements at these events can get people talking about your company if you do a good job, and they usually pay well due to the sheer volume of flowers needed. Also consider other ideas for your business such as your store's delivery and payment methods.

Floral Supplies

If your business is to sell flowers, try selling supplies and accessories to help customers cultivate and grow their own flowers. Seeds are a cheap basket-filler for wannabe growers, and pruning tools such as pliers, cutters, snips and secateurs are gift ideas for customers buying for friends and relatives. Place non-growing accessories such as ribbons, baskets, vases, stands and floral foam next to the cash register for impulse buys, where customers might realize that it's something that they need before paying.

Changing the Layout

For existing stores, changing the layout of your flower shop can not only improve sales but can also make customer experiences more pleasant. According to the All Business website, a good layout draws customers around the store and encourages them to buy products as they move around. Place popular products at the rear of a store so that customers have to pass other tempting items on their way to the back. Items should always be well-lit and easily accessible.


According to start-up florist Kim Sheppard's article on Business Wings, an attractive and easy-to-use site gives you an edge over the competition. In this modern digital age, small businesses benefit from a functioning website for two reasons: online orders and social media. Online orders are a possibility for any florist because they allow customers who are not local to make their purchases without having to come in to the store. This can be particularly useful in bad weather conditions or when the store is closed. Social media can also play a large role in your business, as it allows others to advertise on your behalf by sharing your website with their friends over sites such as Twitter and Facebook.