Cashier Responsibilities on a Resume

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A cashier is a professionally trained worker who handles money and transactions, usually in a store. The term covers cashiers working in retail, grocery stores, movie theaters or any other position that directly deals with handling transactions between a customer and the business. Although it may look like a simple job, a cashier has several responsibilities that include preparing before the shift starts and calculating sales after the workday has ended.

Preparing the Till

A cashier prepares the till before starting a shift.
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One of the responsibilities you should include on your cashier’s resume is the ability to prepare cash tills before starting a shift. While some employers will ask the cashier manager to prepare all of the tills, others will have each cashier individually prepare them. The process includes calculating the money available in the till, so you can calculate how much you have earned during a single shift by subtracting the starting amount from the final cash amount. It is also your responsibility to ensure the till includes adequate change, so you can provide the customer with the proper change for a bill.

Transactions and Payments

A cashier is responsible for maintaining the till during a single shift.
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A cashier is also responsible for maintaining the till during a single shift, both in terms of the money and handling customer purchases. For example, you must be able to calculate the proper change for a bill if the store does not have an automated system. You must also enter the proper entries to get proper figures, so the customer pays the proper amount for peppers rather than paying for broccoli instead.

Company Policies

A cashier is always expected to follow company policies.
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Although the customer is always right, a cashier is expected to follow company policies and procedures despite the wishes of the customer. For example, a customer may ask for a free plastic bag although the company has a policy of charging for them. You are responsible for respecting the plastic bag policy, so you must charge the customer. Although the policies will differ for each business, explain on your resume that you are capable of respecting and following procedures and policies.

Customer Service

Another responsibility is to address customer concerns or issues.
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Another responsibility is to address customer concerns or issues, since a cashier deals directly with the customers. This can include finding specific vegetables in the produce section of a grocery store, helping customers find appropriate technological gadgets that address their needs or finding the proper sized clothing items in a clothing store. The responsibilities on the resume need to be specific to the requirements of the position.