According to the National Institute of Justice Journal, malls implement rules and regulations for the safety of all patrons. Security rules ensure a safe and friendly environment for all patrons. Guards, cameras, and police are all part of mall security.

The Facts

Security regulations in a mall encourage all patrons to act appropriately. Mall security will not tolerate disorderly and disruptive patrons. Those who interfere with mall operations or the safety of mall patrons will not be tolerated. Groups and individuals are prohibited from soliciting (any form of demonstration, picking, soliciting, and petitioning requires permission), blocking storefronts, hallways, emergency exits, and entrances.


Malls have rules and regulations for a reason. Rules of conduct are established in order to help promote security and ensure that everyone who shops in a mall can do so in a pleasurable manner without fear. Mall rules are based on common courtesy as well as out of simple respect for others.


Mall security dedicates itself to providing patrons with a safe and pleasant shopping experience. Highly trained mall security staff is alert and active in assisting in any problems that may arise in the mall. Security officers are in uniform and found stationed throughout the mall. They patrol the inside of the mall as well as the parking lots.