Companies remain competitive through the use of well-planned strategies. Being a competitor in the corporate world requires constant monitoring of your situation and the events that are taking place around you. To remain profitable, a company must have strategies available that it employs to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Strategic Planning

To reach company goals, an organization must employ strategic planning, according to Maneesh Mehta, writing on the Ivey Business Journal website. The strategic plan identifies potential problems, creates the framework to help develop a budget and recommends the effective use of company personnel as a road map to achieving corporate goals. A company cannot remain competitive if it does not take the time to analyze the path ahead, and create a plan to avoid the problems and benefit from the opportunities.


Pricing may not always be the top reason why customers use a particular product, but the cost of a product to the consumer needs to remain fair for the consumer to justify the purchase. Developing competitive pricing requires strategies that involve proper personnel forecasting, purchase costs of raw materials and shipping costs to the distributors, according to the Reference for Business website. A company must maintain the lowest production costs possible to offer competitive pricing in the marketplace.

First to Market

Product and technology innovation are important to a company that is looking to stay competitive, according to Sam Kogan, writing on the ZDNet website. Being first to market with innovative and high-quality products helps a company develop a reputation as a market leader. When a company is recognized as a market leader, it helps increase the effectiveness of marketing and increases the return on the advertising dollars spent. When a company is consistently first to market, it can dictate the competitive playing field of its industry and remain a top competitor.


Top companies are constantly searching for the best talent in their industry. A proactive human resources department will have a list of available candidates for positions within the company, and for positions that the company has yet to develop. When a company is growing, it remains competitive by identifying its future personnel needs and acquiring the talent to meet personnel demands.