Ways to Make Money on a Rainy Day

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It's a rainy and lazy day and you can't decide what to do with your time. You could be lazy yourself and take the day off from doing anything productive, or you can work around the house finding ways to make extra money. Making extra money from home is simple to do with a little ingenuity and know-how. Many people have what they need to make money in the home already.

Get Creative

One of the simplest ways to make some money on a rainy day is to use the time you have to get creative and monetize on your hobbies. Perhaps you have a penchant for drawing or painting. Creating several pieces of original work to put up on your own website or even try to auction off on a website is an effective way to do what you love doing while getting paid for it.

Affiliate Marketing

Another way to make money from home on a rainy day is to turn on the computer and sell other people's products for them. This is known as affiliate marketing. You can become an affiliate or associate of a company or person selling a product, sell it for them and earn a commission on the sale. Websites like Clickbank and Commission Junction put affiliates in contact with merchants and automate the sales process. The affiliate simply needs to drive traffic to the page on the Web where the sale is made.

Becoming a Nerd

Another way to make some additional money from home is to use your brain and research skills. Several websites pay people to find the answers to questions. If you have strong investigative skills and like tracking down the answers to obscure questions, this can be a way to earn a little additional cash.

Secret Shopping

If you want to get out of the house on a rainy day and still be productive to make money, you can put your shopping urge to good use and become a mystery shopper. Mystery shoppers get paid to evaluate companies, retail stores, restaurants and all types of businesses. The amount you can make as a mystery shopper varies depending on the task and who is paying for the job. There are mystery shopper websites on the Internet that can put you in contact with potential paying employers, but many of these do require some initial membership fee for the information.