Fun Meeting Ideas

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Meetings have a reputation for being boring, but this does not have to be the case. Coming up with a handful of fun meeting ideas adds a touch of humor and laughter to your gatherings, whether the subject matter of the meeting is related to business, school, community or any other area.

A Laughing Start

Begin meetings with a joke or a humorous story -- something that will put everyone in a lighter mood. Meetings quickly turn to the matter at hand, but starting with a smile keeps the gathering from turning too serious too quickly. The person in charge of the meeting does not always have to be the person with the opening joke. Give attendees advance notice that jokes will be welcome, and advise everyone to come prepared.

Coffee and Sweet Treats

Since many people enjoy coffee, give them a choice of special coffee treats to add a dash of fun to the gathering. Have someone take orders before the meeting begins and then make a quick trip to the nearest coffee shop. If the meeting is scheduled for late in the workday, provide all the attendees with their favorite flavors of ice cream treats, malts or shakes. Special treats such as these make meetings easier to bear.

Time for Doodling

For meetings in which ideas are bandied about and creativity is key, turn back the years and give each person a supply of crayons, markers, colored construction paper and other items used by young children when creativity is encouraged. Ask everyone to doodle, draw, create and think out loud as the meeting progresses. Taking notes with a crayon instead of a pen or a laptop computer adds a fun atmosphere to the meeting, and this type of creativity enhances effectiveness as well.

Put on Your Thinking Caps

Reinvent the old phrase "put on your thinking caps" n order to add fun to any meeting. Give people who will attend the meeting advance notice that everyone needs to wear a hat to the gathering. This simple act lends an air of fun and a light-hearted attitude to the meeting. To start the meeting, have everyone talk briefly about the hat he is wearing and how it will help during the meeting. For added hilarity, stock up on hats at a costume or Halloween store and let people select a hat as they enter the meeting room.