List of Time Management Skills

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The skills for getting the most out of the hours of each day are both functional and practical. Although many of the techniques are familiar, implementing them will allow you to have a higher degree of control over what you do each day and week. Time management skills are developed through discipline and dedication and can be applied immediately. A few change in habits may yield immediate results.

Task Lists

Writing down daily or weekly tasks helps make accomplishing them easier.
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One of the most important time management skills is creating a list of things to do each day. Identifying what you want to accomplish is the first step in successful time management. The list can include personal and professionals items and be put on paper or a PDA. Referring to this list throughout the day helps you stay on top of each task to complete.

Priorities Lists

For each month, create a high-level list of tasks to complete. Such lists should be completed each month, which keeps you focused on your objectives and the associated tasks, helping you meet these objectives.

Progress Tracking

Managing your time can put you on a straight path to success.
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Regular follow ups that occur in the future, for example, checking with a staff member on a project's status in two months, requires tracking. The easiest tool to use for this is a paper or online calendar. This ensures that the goals is being met in a reasonable amount of time.

Clean Workspaces

Clean workspace help contribute to productivity.
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Clean desks or work spaces are a physical effort of managing time well. This skill includes keeping the area clean and organized. The most current work files or boxes should be within easy reach. Out-of-date items can be recycled or shredded. This skill or habit makes accessing work easier and in turn fulfilling the other skills easier.