Strengths of Fedex

FedEx was incorporated in 1971 and launched operations officially in 1973 with 14 small aircraft from Memphis International Airport. Three short decades later, the company has transformed itself into a household name and is today a global logistics and supply chain management company of mammoth proportions. The company’s main strength lies in its innovative abilities. It is constantly seeking new ways by which to add value to customer experience with the company.

Dependable Know-How In Business

One of FedEx’s major strengths is its know-how in the delivery business. This was well demonstrated through the reconfiguration of outbound logistics and human resource management to launch the overnight delivery business. The process created a customer added value service of no small proportion. Understanding that customers would appreciate the ability to track the deliveries, FedEx launched its very own Customer Oriented Services and Management Operating System or COSMOS. It was this system that introduced computer technology to the shipping industry in a very unique fashion.

Exceptional Customer Care

A major strength is FedEx’s ability to continually develop new ways to add value to customers. This is done by incorporating new technologies and creating their own technology (COSMOS). They use wireless technology to help track deliveries with greater efficiency. FedEx has launched its own website to allow customers to track personal deliveries from pick-up to destination. The company went a step further to extend drop-off times in response to customer needs. With a huge network spanning 200 countries it continues to put the customer’s needs first.

FedEx Corporate Philosophy

Another major strength that FedEx possesses is the company slogan “People-Service-Profit.” The message the company sends out to its customers is that they come first. This was an instant trust gainer especially when combined with the fact that FedEx is virtually a household name. The philosophy of the company’s founder Frederick Smith was that by taking care of employees, customers benefit by the high quality of service they receive from employees. Profit follows through the customers’ continued patronage of the company.

World’s Largest Express Transportation Company

FedEx has evolved to become a leading player in the transportation field, and its services include overnight courier services, logistics solutions, freight services and business support services. The company’s size is its strength, and it is the world’s largest express transportation company. A strong brand image, network covering 200 countries and continued international expansion have all contributed to the company’s strength. FedEx was named Fortune’s sixth most admired company in the world and it has a policy of continuing to innovate to offer value added services to customers.