People with organizing personalities are often known as detail-oriented in the job world. Highly organized, detail-oriented people tend to succeed better in positions that require a high level of organization and detail orientation for success. People that do not have strength in this skill set would likely burn out in a position that someone with an organizing personality would enjoy.

Research and Development

Careers in research related areas are a great fit for people with detail orientation, notes the "Job Interview and Career Guide." Scientific and medical surveying and research is one example. This involves careful research and analysis that helps guide the medical field. Quantitative research is also common on consumer behavior and marketing, making marketing research jobs another possible career path in research for organizing personality types.


Another possible career path is financing and investment, according to the Job Interview and Career Guide. Finance careers cover a wide range of financial planning, management, advising and investing jobs. Commercial banking, corporate finance, financial planning, hedge fund management, insurance, investment banking, money management, private equity and real estate are examples of possible finance career paths. Jobs in these areas typically included detailed analysis of financial statements, detailed money calculations and investment analysis.


Accounting is one of the most recognized career paths for someone that his highly organized and detail oriented. Accountants work in a wide array of jobs including bookkeeping, corporate accounting, tax preparation and auditing. At the corporate level, chief financial officer (CFO) is typically the highest ranking position for someone specialized in accounting. Accountants can obtain a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) distinction which enhances credibility and broadens opportunities for work in this career area.


Teaching is a profession that requires a high degree of organizational skills. Though you can certainly become a teacher with a modest organizing personality, having good organizational skills can lead to less stress on the job. Teaching is a job that requires advanced lesson planning. Teachers at elementary and secondary levels typically teach in a variety of subject areas and must have a details plan for each day and each week. Along with crafting lesson plans, teachers organize through test preparation, administration and grading, project implementation, and systematic approaches to classroom discipline, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.