The Best Paying Work From Home Jobs

computer worker. image by Eugene Tokarev from

Whether you’re unemployed, looking for extra cash, or working part-time or full-time, the idea of working from home is a tempting one. Your commute could be to your laptop and your corporate attire your PJs. Some work-from-home jobs are “telecommuting,” meaning that you work for a larger company as an employee or team member, and you report to work over the Internet or on the telephone. Many other jobs are freelance or on a per-project contractual basis. Those with an entrepreneurial spirit may want to start up a business from home.

Software Engineer

According to Investopedia, software engineers make between $50,000 and $105,000 per year. AOL Jobs lists the work-from-home software engineer at $71,149 per year in 2009. This job could involve a variety of duties including developing applications or systems to fill user needs and designing all types of computer software. It does take a very specific set of skills to engineer software, but the job can be done from almost anywhere as long as there’s a high-powered computer around.

Financial Planner

AOL Jobs lists the at-home financial planner at a salary of $59,548 annually in 2009. Financial planners might be hired to help individuals, couples, groups or businesses maximize their money through smart saving and savvy investments. Most of the planning and counseling can be done from home, though the financial planner may need to make an appearance or two at his clients’ homes or offices.


Translators and interpreters are in demand as more businesses enter the global economy and companies and individuals need to communicate in a number of languages. Translators may work from home, converting business material, informational articles, works of fiction and website text from one language to another. AOL Jobs lists an at-home translators' 2009 salary at $43,478 annually.

Home Call Center

This job could encompass anything from telemarketing to technical support. This is a traditional office job that’s being converted to an at-home job as more businesses realize that people don’t have to be in an office to make and receive phone calls. Account executives (outbound sales) are listed as making $42,624 per year by AOL Jobs in 2009. The AARP website lists the median pay range for at-home customer service representatives at $9 to $20 an hour, depending on the job and the skill level of the representative. However, call centers tend to frown on background noises from children and animals, so if you have either, you may want to consider a different way to work from home.