How to Calculate Part-Time Salary

by Mike Andrews; Updated September 26, 2017
Calculating a part-time salary depends on the hourly rate and the number of hours worked.

Whether you're creating a personal budget, trying to predict your future income or planning ahead for tax day, calculating your part-time salary will be a necessary part of the process. While some full-time jobs earn the same salary regardless of the hours worked, most part-time jobs are paid on an hourly basis. So, if you know how many hours you'll work and the rate at which you're paid, you can calculate your part-time salary in just a few moments.

Step 1

Determine how many hours you'll be working in your part-time position each week. If the number of hours you work changes from week to week, choose a number that represents the number of work hours a typical or average week would include.

Step 2

Multiply the number of hours worked each week by your hourly pay rate to discover your weekly salary. For example, if you work 15 hours each week at a pay rate of $9.00 per hour, your weekly salary would be $135.00 (15 x 9.00 = 135.00).

Step 3

Multiply your weekly salary figure by the number of weeks you'll work in a typical year. If you plan to take no vacation from your job, you should multiply your weekly salary by 52, for the 52 weeks in a year. If you plan to take two weeks off during the year, multiply your weekly salary by 50. The resulting figure represents your part-time salary for the year. For example, a person earning $150 per week who works 52 weeks in a year would earn $7,800 for the year (150 x 52 = 7800).


  • Remember that the total you determine is not likely to be your actual take-home pay. In most cases in which you are paid an hourly rate, your employer is required to deduct taxes before issuing a check.

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