How to Calculate Pro Rata for a Part Time Job

by Carter McBride; Updated September 26, 2017

If you are a part-time worker with a job that pays a salary, you might be receiving a pro rata share of your pay. Typically, salaries are quoted at full-time prices, but if you are working only part time, the salary is decreased to the number of hours you are actually working. A typical work week is 40 hours, so use this as the basis for your pro rata calculation.

Step 1

Add the hours you work during a week and the full-time salary for the position. For example, assume you work 10 hours a week and the position pays $50,000 pro rata.

Step 2

Divide the number of hours you work each week by the number of hours required to be full time. In the example, 10 divided by 40 equals 0.25. This is your pro rata rate.

Step 3

Multiply your pro rata rate by your full-time salary to calculate your pro rata pay. In the example, 0.25 times $50,000 equals $12,500.

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