What Is Versa Check?

VersaCheck is business software that will help businesses to manage their accounts payable. One feature of VersaCheck is to allow a business to print its own checks. The business won't have to order checks from the bank anymore, as it can print them out on an as-needed basis. VersaCheck comes with a variety of other features that may offer benefits to a business.


VersaCheck offers five different types of program, each with different features. The features that a business needs will determine which type of the program is the best to purchase. Arranged by increasing number of features, the different types of VersaCheck are Silver, Gold, Platinum, Ultimate and Enterprise. VersaCheck issues a new version each year. As of 2011, the most recent version is VersaCheck 2012.


The most expensive version of VersaCheck, VersaCheck Enterprise, offers only one unique feature -- an unlimited number of individual users. Every version of VersaCheck offers a number of features. These include checkbook balancing, payment scheduling, checkbook creation, check design, data encryption, printable reports and receipt of checks by email. Features offered by the more advanced versions include payroll-ready checks for QuickBooks, multiple account banking and automatic bill payment scheduling.


The cost of different VersaCheck systems varies from the base, or Silver, version to the most expensive version, Enterprise. As of 2011, businesses can purchase the most basic version of VersaCheck 2012 for about $50. Both the Gold version and a version for QuickBooks cost $30 more than the basic price. The Platinum version for a single user costs $100 and for five users costs $150. The Ultimate version costs $200. Enterprise 2012 costs $1,500 and has no limitations on the number of users.


Certain functions of the VersaCheck system, such as check printing, require peripheral products and equipment. As of 2011, it costs between $100 and $200 to purchase special printers for the purpose of printing checks. Business will also need to purchase a special type of magnetic ink for the checks to be valid. G7 Productivity Systems, the company that markets VersaCheck, also markets special printers, ink and toner for those using the VersaCheck system.