Traditional day care is a much-needed business in our society. With it, parents are able to earn money for their families, while their children are taken care of during the work day. This business concept has grown to include dedicated day care facilities in large office buildings and even doggie day cares for pet owners who don't feel comfortable leaving their furry companions home alone all day. This concept can be applied to a number of different circumstances. Wherever there is a need for someone to be taken care of, a day care business can thrive.

Senior Day Care

A growing number of adults are caring for their aging parents in the home. These seniors aren't infirm enough to warrant care in a nursing home, but can't live comfortably on their own. Adult care givers are often forced to hire expensive nursing staff just to spend time with their loved one, so that they can work or have a day off. Senior day care centers help this situation. Seniors can enjoy crafts, activities and companionship with others their age, and relatives get some much-needed time to themselves.

Night Time Day Care

Businesses are becoming a 24-hour entity in many industries, and many employees work the night shift because of extra money or to be home during the day with their families. For single parents or couples who both work nights, a sleep-over caregiver is often the only solution. Night time care for children is a simple solution. Children can come to the care center at bedtime, perhaps enjoy a snack and a quiet story and then cuddle up in their bed away from home. Parents can pick up their children after their shift is over, fed and washed and ready for the day.

High School Day Care

Teenage parents are notorious for dropping out of school. Communities do all they can to keep teens in school until graduation, but often the strain of caring for a baby takes up all the teen's energy. Parents may not be able to take care of the baby while their child is in school, creating an impossible situation for graduation. Day care centers in or near high schools can help this problem. Teen parents can drop of their young ones right before classes start, visit them during lunch break and pick them up at the end of the day.

Grocery Drop-In Day Care

It's an iconic scene: mom or dad trying to grocery shop while Junior has a melt-down in the middle of the aisle. Many parents don't have the option of leaving the little ones at home while they shop, so they have to make-do as best they can. A carpeted play area in the center of the store with certified caregivers and lots of toys could be a viable solution. Give parents pagers in case of tears or emergencies and charge an hourly rate for parents to shop in peace without distraction.