The Best Places to Work for Teens

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If you are a teen and you are looking for a part-time job or seasonal work, you’ll not be surprised to learn that the best jobs that you have a chance of landing are in the service industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that teen unemployment increased by 571,000 between April and July in 2010, service jobs were still in demand and companies were hiring less expensive teen workers. You might also find a good-paying job with steady work in your own backyard or your neighbor’s, to be more precise.

Hotels and Resorts

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If you are looking for seasonal work, whether over a holiday break or during the summer months, then you should try looking into hotels or resorts. ranks housekeeping as one of the top summer jobs for teens. The pay, on average, is about $10 per hour, though you’ll sure to get sweaty, dirty and sore. Resorts also offer more attractive jobs to teens such as lifeguarding at the pool, caddying at the golf course, busing tables, waitressing or serving as a valet. Most of these jobs are dependent on tips but, especially in a resort setting, but earnings in tips can go a long way. Most hotel and resort jobs can be entertaining, with a fun environment and lots of teens your own age to meet and work with every day.

Private Contracting

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As you enter your teen years, you might feel as if you are beyond jobs that your little brother or sister could do, but private contracting can be a big business. According to both and, one of the best paying jobs for teens is babysitting. Yes, babysitting. Child care is big business in the U.S., and many working parents are desperate for child care solutions during break periods or summer vacation. Teenagers, especially those who are certified in child care as well as reliable and honest and can provide their own transportation, can earn a decent hourly wage. Lawn cutting and simple landscaping jobs such as mulching or pulling weeds can also earn you a steady if not spectacular wage. Get two or three steady clients in your neighborhood, and you have a steady summer job. Pet sitting has also become a huge business, especially with the high cost of kennels. You could watch your neighbor’s dog for a week and make a good income.


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From waiting tables to washing dishes, restaurants have a number of jobs for teenagers. Of course, these types of jobs require lots of hard work, running around, scrubbing dirty dishes, cleaning tables, things you wouldn’t do if your parents asked you. You can find some wages above minimum wage and, if you are lucky enough to wait on tables, you’ll earn a nice pay in tips. Restaurants can also be fun places to work, with lots of teens your own age to meet, and offer a safe, comfortable working environment.

Fast Food

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An old reliable source for employment, fast food franchises are always looking for seasonal and part-time help. Your best bet for employment is to apply at the main chains. You know the names, McDonald’s, Burger King, Dairy Queen and the like. The jobs are not glamorous, not even close, but the pay is very respectable, and most fast food chains, such as McDonald's, for instance, cater to teenagers with flexible work schedules and, in some cases, offer scholarship programs to help you reach a higher education. Yes, the fun factor is low in these types of jobs, but you’ll find a work environment that caters to your schedule and your needs.