Breakfast Ideas for an Office Setting

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Office breakfasts make excellent opportunities to discuss business while showing your appreciation for a job well done. Whether planning office breakfasts to be held on a weekly basis or arranging a breakfast bonanza for a special occasion, healthy food choices can help to improve employee focus and boost office morale.

Waffle Bars

Waffles can be a hearty breakfast treat that is easy to prepare for small or large groups alike. Toast-your-own whole grain waffles served with sugar-free syrup make an excellent and heart-healthy breakfast option that also satisfies the sweet tooth. For added variety, substitute sugar-free jams and jellies for syrups and serve a variety of fresh fruits such as grapes, oranges and bananas alongside the waffles with coffee, milk and juice.

Fruit and Yogurt

Yogurt is also an easy-to-serve and healthy breakfast option. Placing a large bowl in the center of the breakfast table and filling it with ice will keep individual serving size containers of yogurt cold for several hours. Offer an assortment of yogurt flavors to accommodate a variety of tastes and offer fresh fruits such as oranges and bananas next to the yogurt bowl.

Bagel Bar

Bagels can be filling and nutritious when served with a selection of healthy toppings. Creating a toast-it-yourself bagel bar with a selection of plain white, whole grain and flavored bagels can please a variety of tastes and make for an easy cleanup. Serve bagels with traditional toppings such as cream cheese, tomatoes and jams alongside options such as hard-boiled eggs, fresh fruit and a variety of breakfast beverages.

Breakfast Potlucks

Breakfast potlucks are an excellent way to encourage office camaraderie and give each member of the office a chance to show off cooking talents. Breakfast potlucks call for office workers to bring in a covered dish containing their favorite breakfast food. Dishes can range from hot foods such as oatmeal and egg dishes to cold dishes such as danishes or donuts and are typically served with an assortment of fresh fruits and beverages.