What Is a Marketing Communications Plan?

A marketing communication plan describes on paper how a business chooses to interact with customers to motivate them to purchase products or services. Successful marketing communications plans include certain foundational elements that can be tailored to any business size and specific goals. An integrative business team trained in a variety of communications will increase your plan’s accomplishments.

Business Awareness

Customers need know about your business and how to find it. A thriving marketing communication plan will reinforce your company's brand and message on a daily basis. Communicate through distributing brochures and press releases. Trade show presentations and websites can greatly increase business visibility. Advertising and public relations should consistently reinforce and protect your brand, products and desired company image.

Tracking Changes

A marketing communications plan will always take into consideration changing world environments. Find out what is your target audience concerned about right now. The issues that are up in the news now will help to form the message your business puts out. Current events will shape the types of donations and causes your business may choose to support. Technology is also ever-changing and new innovations also influence how your message is delivered and perceived.

Customer Interactions

Discover how your target audience makes their purchase decisions. Consumers want ways for their voice to be heard and recognized by businesses. There are many interactive forms of social media. Find the ones that fit your goals and interact with your customers. Free gifts, polls and contests work well to build interest. Assign someone on your team to watch and interact at least every other day with your customers to help build loyalty.

Crisis Management

No business runs smoothly. Bumps happen along the way. There will always be dissatisfied customers. Problems arise and refunds are requested. A communications plan in place ready to handle the rough spots is priceless. Guidelines to handle tribulations must also be readily accessible to customers and clients. A posted business terms of service (TSO) helps to avoid misunderstandings. Trained staff insures everyone is on the same page regarding customer questions, complaints and emergencies.