Ideas to Increase Pharmacy Business

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All pharmacies have the same primary business model, which is filling patient drug prescriptions. However, there are many other things you can do to increase business, including improving patient and physician relationships, offering ancillary services and providing exceptional levels of customer service.

Be Competitive

Monitor the price points of competitors and price your products and services accordingly. Consider other things that are important to consumers, such as customer service, reduced wait times, quick response to refills and the ability to get advice and recommendations from your pharmacists. Regularly survey consumers to find out what they want and need and refine your offerings according to feedback.

Develop Physician Relationships

Reach out to physicians and local clinics and ask what you can do to be a better partner in the delivery chain of healthcare services. Not only does this give you insight into specific ways you can increase your business, it also helps you develop solid working relationships with physicians who may be more likely to refer patients to your pharmacy.

Expand Patient Relationships

Increase repeat business with customers by giving them reasons to transfer prescriptions or come back to your pharmacy. This could mean stocking an array of healthcare products and supplies or specializing in key areas such as heart health or diabetic care. Offer a customer rewards program, such as discounted merchandise or other perks for those who regularly refill prescriptions at your location.

Offer Health Clinics

Make yourself a resource for customers by offering free health clinics. Nutrition counseling, weight management programs, blood pressure analysis and cholesterol screenings offer customers added incentive to come into your pharmacy on a regular basis. Attend health fairs, and offer low-cost health flu shots, sports physicals, immunizations and other specialized services to raise community awareness of your business

Be Innovative

Offer services that make it easy to do business with you. In particular, promote things you provide that your competitors don’t. For example, drive-through prescription drop-off windows, online ordering options, delivery services, text message refill reminders and e-newsletters can all help you gain new business.

Offer Multi-Lingual Services

If your pharmacy operates in a diverse community, hire staffers that can converse with customers in multiple languages. Print written material and ads in other languages and promote the fact that you serve a diverse demographic. Join ethnic chambers of commerce to promote your pharmacy to target audiences.