Simple Business Ideas for an Entrepreneur

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Simple business ideas usually have low start-up costs and utilize a small amount of start-up equipment. Additionally, simple business ideas can begin as part-time ventures that can eventually grow into full-time enterprises. With the right market niche, a simple business idea can provide a great source of income for an entrepreneur.

Low-cost Equipment

There is a variety of low-cost business ventures that can began by simply utilizing items that a person currently owns, such as a car, computer or video camera. After ascertaining the public demand for certain untapped services or focusing on a specific target market, an entrepreneur can offer certain services to others for a fee and maintain a thriving business. Some business ideas started by using equipment that an individual possesses include providing transportation services, freelance writing or offering film making or video-production services.

Expert Skills

Many entrepreneurs begin their business by utilizing any skills or expert knowledge that they possess. Many companies outsource their work or use freelancers to complete certain work assignments. For instance, virtual assistants have become very popular as many companies are willing to accept services via the Internet. Virtual assistants can perform a variety of projects, such as data entry, accounting, word processing services and more. Additionally, some companies typically seek out the services of an expert consultant to obtain skilled information. Independent consultants can come from all walks of life and possess different types of abilities. A successful consultant utilizes her expert abilities to advise her clients in certain matters such as computers, accountanting, copywriting, taxes and public relations. A consultant business has low start-up costs, and an entrepreneur can usually launch the business by simply marketing her services to potential clients and setting up a work schedule.

Online Store Establishments

With the increase in popularity of the Internet, it is fairly easy to begin an online store enterprise. Many entrepreneurs utilize websites, such as eBay to sell items found in their home or items built from scratch. Also, an individual can start a website business and sell items online. Therefore, customers can purchase items directly from the website.

Direct Marketing Consultant

Some entrepreneurs work as independent consultants for the purpose of marketing products or services of a host company. These marketing consultants receive a commission for each sale, and income opportunities can grow as the marketing consultant increases her clientele. For instance, some of the well-known companies that use direct marketing consultants to sell their products are Mary Kay, Avon, Melaleuca and more. The direct marketing consultants work for themselves and have complete autonomy over their income potential and work schedule. The start-up costs are minimal, and the direct marketing consultant pays a small fee to begin a contract with the host company.