With the high level of competition in the banking industry, individual banks must invest in marketing and public relations efforts to recruit new customers. As you consider ways to increase your bank's customer base, consider how you can work with their needs and preferences to offer a convenient, safe service.



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For many consumers, personal finance is a difficult, confusing topic. To position your bank as an expert and to help potential customers understand their banking options, hold a series of educational seminars. Contact a local community center or university for the use of neutral, non-threatening facilities, and set up sessions about saving for retirement, banking basics, choosing the right checking account or managing money. Put up flyers around town to advertise the event and ask your staff to conduct each class. By helping potential customers get past their fears and misconceptions about finance, you can access a new group of people looking for banking services.

Online Services


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Because consumers are conducting more and more business online, your bank can gain more customers by making it easy to choose and use your services on the Internet. Invest in a series of banner advertisements to reach out to customers, and place them on websites that are visited by your target audience. Tailor each advertisement to the readership of the site. For both existing and new customers, streamline your operations and web interface so that they work smoothly with mobile phones and personal computers. Your customers should be able to perform their banking duties without trouble, maintain a sense of security and have easy access to customer support.



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Hidden fees can be an unpleasant surprise for customers, particularly when it makes a significant difference in the total end cost of a banking product. By being transparent in your advertising, you can create trust in your target audience; mention any fees immediately so that it is easier for consumers to compare account types. Announce your intentions of transparency in your advertising and marketing efforts and follow through so that your bank becomes associated with trust and openness.



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Attract more customers to your bank by creating innovative options. Offer accounts that allow the customers to receive interest in a unique form, such as online gift certificates, music download credits or donations to charities. Let clients deposit their checks remotely, speak to customer service agents on instant messenger and make it easy for travelers to access no-fee ATMs abroad. Poll your customers to find out what would make their lives easier and find creative solutions to their problems.