Activities on Communication Skills

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People have their own area in communications for improvement. For some it may be oral communication development, for others, nonverbal communication, or getting over fear of speaking in groups. Activities can build communication skills, create awareness of your strengths and weaknesses to confidently address groups of people even for a simple introduction, communicate verbally and non-verbally, detect truths and lies, and instruct effectively. Activities should boost energy levels, be creative, challenging and enjoyable.

Communicating Truths and Lies Activity

Body language and oral communication reveal truths and lies. An activity to become acquainted with true and false statements is a truth and lies game. Participants describe three live experiences--two real and one false. For example, describe incidents and experiences of being a stand-up comedian, working in the Yukon building a pipeline, and, crashing a new car the day after buying it. The audience votes on which one is a lie discussing your body language and oral communication skills.

Non-Verbal Communication Activity

Often, people rely on verbal communication and neglect nonverbal communication skills. As an activity to develop nonverbal skills, sit in pairs and introduce yourselves to each other and share some interesting information about yourselves verbally with your partner. Take turns standing up and introducing your partner to the group. The challenge is to introduce your partner with no words or props, only actions.

Icebreaker Communication Activity

Communicating to introduce yourself to strangers in a group can be a terrifying experience. This activity breaks the ice for group introductions. Work in pairs with one person being a host and the other a guest. The host has to find out three interesting facts about her guest. Switch the roles and repeat. Form a large group. Each person takes turns presenting three facts about their guest to the group.

Communicating Instructions Activity

Enjoy an activity to discover how effectively you communicate instructions. Have one person each act as a Director, a Runner and a Builder. The Director has a private model of assembled building blocks. He gives building instructions to the Runner who runs back and forth communicating instructions for the Builder who attempts to build a replica. In 10 minutes, the Builder reveals his model and compares it with the original. The audience comments on what worked and areas for improvement in communication.