Nucor is a giant of the steel industry, employing over 26,000 people globally in 2018. It has a reputation for treating people well in good and bad years; for many employees, the company's unique bonus structure is a big deal. Around two-thirds of salary is tied to prime steel production so the more productive team members are, the more they earn. The hiring process at Nucor takes around three weeks and involves a number of assessment tests and interviews.

About Nucor Assessment Tests

The job description will tell you exactly what skills Nucor is looking for in that position. Generally, though, the company requires some general skills from everybody. These include organizational skills, creativity, flexibility and the ability to follow instructions – the general characteristics of a good employee. The tests you're given will assess these skills alongside other more technical skills that are relevant to the job you're interested in.

Breaking it down, entry-level candidates can expect to sit for the assessments listed below. For senior positions, the assessments will depend on the job role. You may face technical tests that are more consistent with the job description, or you may face no tests at all.

A numerical reasoning test, covering number series problems, word problems, graphs and sufficiency questions.

A language test, covering grammar, spelling and vocabulary.

An abstract reasoning test, covering your ability to spot patterns, critically evaluate issues and solve problems.

A personality test, which determines whether your values, aptitude and work style are consistent with Nucor's culture and values.

What's the Hiring Process?

It depends on the job. The Nucor entry-level production hiring process, for example, starts with a preliminary assessment test, which is delivered online after you submit your application. You'll receive an immediate notification of results. Applicants say that this is a 5-minute timed test, plus a 100 question personality assessment. Assuming you're successful, Nucor will contact you to arrange a second assessment and/or call you for an interview.

Nucor usually schedules face-to-face interviews before multiple interviewer teams, include a representative of human resources, the person who will be your direct superior and the head of the department. You may get a second interview, depending on the position. Applicants for technical positions in engineering and IT roles can expect to receive an additional technical interview to assess their specific job skills.

It's impossible to say what type of questions you'll be asked in the interview. Sites like Mock Questions and can give you an idea of the types of questions that applicants have faced in the past, along with some model answers to help you prepare. It's not wise to sound too scripted, however. Nucor is looking for forward-thinking people who are a good cultural fit, so you'll want to bring your own ideas to the table.

Nucor Steel Drug Testing Policy

Nucor does not advertise its drug testing policy on its website. However, employees and former employees of the company, writing on employment site, suggest that the company routinely screens new hires once they have received an offer of employment. For certain positions – for example, production positions – you may have to pass a fitness test. You'll be working in a steel plant in a job that requires heavy lifting, and the fitness exam ensures you're in good health to work safely.