What are the Three Most Important Values to Answer at an Interview?

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Job interviews typically have various categories of questions that you must answer. One is describing your values. Your values are your personal beliefs and attitudes about people in your life or career. Values also help you make judgments about situations and people. Break down three typical categories of values to a basic value statement.

Motivating Values

Look deep inside yourself and write down what your motivating factors are in doing good work every day. Consider whether you like to help or compete with other people. Analyze whether you like risks in a job or other types of work challenges. If you prefer jobs dealing with creativity, consider this as a strong motivational force. Also ask yourself if you work hard as a way of gaining respect among peers and superiors.

Tangible Values

Look into the tangible things motivating you to do good work. Ask yourself whether money is a strong impetus behind taking on a challenging project. Consider other factors for this category such as social status or power and authority. Take personal note if your motivating factors include obtaining rewards such as awards, bonuses or honors from top executives.

Personal Values

Determine the values in your personal life. Write whether spiritual or personal growth values are things you hold close when working. Analyze if living in large cities or small, rural communities makes a difference in making you happy while in a job. Ask yourself if being close to home is more important than traveling regularly to other places.

Consolidated Value Statement

Look at your motivating, tangible and personal values and take the strongest pieces from each. Write several sentences that consolidate these points and memorize them. Use this to state your values in any job interview. Tweak these values if some change over time. That way, you stay honest about yourself and your career directions.