The manufacturing industry offers several career opportunities, each of which has its own requirements, educational criteria and responsibilities. Resume objectives help focus an application for a manufacturing job, so the employer can determine what position the workers is applying for and what the applicant can contribute to the position and company. Some applicants use the resume objective as a selling point to stand out from other applicants for the manufacturing position.

Role of Resume Objectives

Resume objectives on manufacturing resumes must explain why the applicant is the ideal choice for the position in a statement format. People use resume objectives to explain gaps in employment history, extensive work experience and identify career changes. For instance, an applicant may use a resume objective to explain that she has left the manufacturing industry to have children but is now seeking full-time employment. Another reason to use objectives is to show how well an applicant understands the role of the manufacturing job in a production company.

Types of Resume Objectives

An applicant seeking employment in a manufacturing business may be a recent graduate or a senior top-level manager. The resume objective presents the level of experience, so the employer can evaluate the applicants accordingly. Entry-level manufacturing workers may have a generic resume objective, such as applying educational theory and internship knowledge to a full-time manufacturing positions, while senior-level workers write a tailored objective to showcase years of manufacturing management and business operations.

Crafting the Objective

Keep the resume objective to one or two sentences. Name the manufacturing position in the objective and include your skills that relate directly to the specific type of manufacturing in question. Start the objective with “My objective is” if you do not know how to start the sentence. Focus on what the employer will benefit from hiring you, not about what you will gain the position. Examples include; “I am seeking an entry-level position where I can use my manufacturing skills in the automotive industry to excel the employer’s position on the market” and “My objective is to get an upper-level management position in the manufacturing industry, where I can use my previous experience to build in-demand products and increase annual revenue.”

What to Avoid

Do not include a resume objective if the company is offering several manufacturing positions, especially if you want to be considered for all of them. In addition, some employers may only include the title of the position and be very broad in the job description. Avoid writing a tailored resume objective, if you do not know the scope of the manufacturing position. A job title of “manufacturing assistant” may include the planning aspect, the actual construction, safety testing or a combination of all three. Since it is not made clear by the title, avoid creating a focused objective.