Good Reasons to Reschedule an Interview

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A job interview is usually an applicant's first chance to make an impression on a potential employer. In a tough job market, it is important to be as professional as possible during an interview and leading up to it. For this reason, it is generally frowned upon to reschedule an interview; however, there are a few situations in which it may be acceptable -- or even in the best interests of the applicant -- to reschedule.


An emergency may make it impossible for an applicant to reach an interview in time. For example, if an applicant's apartment catches fire an hour before a scheduled interview, it makes perfect sense for the applicant to reschedule the interview for another day.

Family Emergency

Just as with a personal emergency, a family emergency can also be a reasonable excuse to reschedule an interview. For example, if a close family member experiences serious injuries in a car accident, it would be understandable for an applicant to want to go to the hospital and reschedule the interview.

Communicable Illness

A communicable illness such as the flu is a legitimate reason to reschedule an interview. Unlike a family or personal emergency, a communicable illness may actually require an applicant to reschedule an interview. Many employers might find it far more egregious to expose others to an illness than to postpone a job interview.

Travel Delays

Many job applicants travel all over the country and the world for job interviews. For applicants applying to multiple jobs and scheduling interviews in different areas, travel schedules may become very tight. If a delayed flight or some other unforeseen travel mishap makes it physically impossible to attend a scheduled interview, it would be reasonable to reschedule.