It might take a while before you are able to find a qualified professional to fill the position of marketing manager. With patience and a critical outlook you should be able to find a suitable applicant for the position. As an applicant, expect a rigorous process with call backs and loads of questioning.

Preliminary Interview

This interview helps weed out the large number of applicants. The interview is short and at times conducted over the phone to rule out the non-serious applicants and those who lack the important qualifications. The human resource manager conducts the preliminary interview on a one-on-one basis or at times with the help of other human resource personnel.

Employment Interview

The employment interview is for those applicants who make it to the shortlist after the preliminary interview. It is an opportunity for the interviewees to meet physically with the interview panel. In this meeting, the panel clarifies any information given by the candidate. The interviewer gets to observe the candidate’s body language, get a clearer picture of the candidate’s true credentials and judge the candidate's honesty. In the interview, the candidate gets to display confidence and communication skills, which are important for any marketing manager.

Reference and Background Analysis

A background check is necessary to verify that each candidate’s past records are clean. The check helps discover malicious applicants who could pose a risk to the company or to other employees. Information given by former employers or schools gives a clearer image of the applicant’s character. This information comes in handy in selecting a marketing manager, as he will represent your company in marketing services or products.

Physical Examination

A physical examination for the finalist helps ascertain his mental, physical and psychological capabilities. Human rights acts in individual states, the Americans with Disabilities Acts and company regulations stipulate how many tests an individual can take. The examination must be limited to tests on abilities strictly related to the position of a marketing manager.