Branding and advertising are different facets of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Companies and organizations use branding to create a look, feel and message for themselves that will be remembered by consumers. Advertising is used to convey that brand directly to consumers through various media, such as purchasing radio or television broadcast time, newspaper or magazine space, or online advertisements.


A strong brand creates a positive association between consumers and a business, product or service. Branding is important because it helps the public remember a company and its products and feel good about using them. The elements used to create a brand can include name, logo, tagline, color, music or jingle, and the message or feelings that the company wishes to associate with itself. Developing a brand for a product or service allows a company to differentiate an offering from other similar products in the same category, and to position the product or service relative to the current market.

Creating a Successful Brand

Creating a successful brand requires that a business understands its customer base and aligns its business image with the customers' needs and wants. Develop a name and logo that appeals to your customers and prospects, and a tagline to go with the logo that succinctly captures the message you are trying to convey. Choose colors, typefaces and graphics that complement the message, and use these items consistently throughout your marketing materials. Use stories, testimonials, photos and video that evokes feelings and emotions that you want to associate with your company, product or service.


Advertising is a form of paid communication with consumers. Businesses use advertising to help create and spread their brand as well as to directly sell products and services to the public at large. Repetition of the company's message creates a familiarity with the brand presented. Advertising is important to companies trying to direct consumer behavior because it is a controlled and measurable method for mass selling and communications.

Effective Advertising Strategies

The best advertising conveys the brand message by telling a story. Generally, this involves presenting sympathetic characters that encounter a problem that can be fixed or solved with the product or service offered by the company. Good advertising includes a clear brand message and may also include a direct call to action. Because so many companies, political campaigns, and nonprofits currently use advertising, it is important that your ad attempts to stand out from the crowd by being unique, powerful and uncomplicated.