The Importance of Charity Work

by Jennifer Hench

You can volunteer your time and services to groups to support their efforts in making a difference in the world or your community. Though making donations is one option, many people find that actually helping out makes them feel even more involved and directly responsible for the good that comes out of the work charities provide to those in need.

Community Benefit

The macro benefit of providing charity work to an organization is that you are offering your time and services toward the greater good of your community. This is especially true when you volunteer with a group that has a direct impact on the community where you live. This helps build a stronger community.

Filling a Need

Though some charities receive federal, state or private funding for operations, not every cause receives such monetary support, or enough of it to reach their goals. The effort of volunteers in such cases makes the difference in keeping charities running so they can provide help to those in need.

Instilling Good Habits in the Young

Instilling the importance of charity work can start at a young age. You can volunteer with your children so that you can teach them that helping others is a productive way to be part of a bigger mission and solution to some lingering problems. Helping out also is a way to bring about a sense of accomplishment and build self-esteem.

Tax Deductions

Charity work is not without benefits to those volunteering. Besides the satisfaction of helping a humanitarian effort, some of the money you spend performing charitable duties is deductible on federal tax returns for those who itemize deductions. The Internal Revenue Service rules allow you to claim mileage to and from volunteer work at the charity mileage rate and deduct other out-of-pocket expenses that directly relate to you providing services for free.

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