Selling display space advertising used to be enough for magazines to survive. With increased competition from the Internet, radio and TV stations and direct mail, you’ll most likely need to expand your marketing offerings to survive in the print business. Creating sponsorship packages that include a variety of and branding opportunities for marketers will help you attract more partners, increase your revenue and boost your profits.

Sell Your Brand

Buying an ad in your magazine is one thing, in terms of the affect your magazine will have on an advertiser’s image. Creating a broader, ongoing partnership is more complicated for marketers because your brand will reflect on theirs. Create a marketing piece and presentation that clearly explains your brand, why it speaks to a specific consumer demographic and how your brand complements your potential sponsor’s brand strategy. Once you sell your potential customer on the fact that you can enhance his branding efforts, he’ll then want to know how.

Create Marketing Opportunities

Create a list of marketing opportunities associated with your brand. Include display and classified advertising in your publication, blow-in cards, editorial opportunities, poly bagging options and mailing list use. Offer banner ads, links, video embeds and article opportunities. Consider sponsoring events, hosting a trade show, offering seminars or creating other public events at which the sponsor can have a booth, distribute product, have signage or otherwise gain exposure. Develop a social media campaign using tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and include sponsor opportunities.

Price Each Opportunity

A sponsorship should include a variety of marketing opportunities sold at a package price that is significantly less expensive than if the buyer purchased each separately. Develop realistic prices for each marketing opportunity you offer, keeping in mind that you will have to discount these prices in exchange for bulk purchases. Start by reviewing your cost to offer each opportunity. For example, if you offer free banner ad design, calculate the cost of your staff to create the banners. If you offer a free booth at an event, calculate the cost of a skirted table, two chairs, wastebasket, pipe and drape and sign.

Create Sponsor Packages

Once you’ve created your list of marketing opportunities and priced each one, create sponsor packages that offer all or some of them. For example, a platinum-level sponsorship might include all of your marketing opportunities, including full-page ads in your magazine. A gold-level sponsorship might include most of your marketing offerings, but half-page magazine ads or three full-page ads instead of six. Review each package you offer to ensure that if someone buys it, you make a profit. Offer preset packages and a la carte programs that let sponsors pick a limited number of items of their choosing.

Calculate Your Impressions and CPM

Marketers compare advertising, promotion and sponsorship opportunities based on the number of people who see their message and the cost per person to reach these people. Determine how many people will see each item you offer, such as display ads or Tweets. Calculate the cost to reach 1,000 people each of your packages offer. For example, if your Platinum-level package will create 50,000 gross impressions among consumers and costs $2,500, the cost per thousand -- or CPM -- of your platinum-level sponsorship is $50.00.