Recognize a Need to Hire

An employer recognizes a need to hire when an employee is fired, quits or the company's growth requires more employees. In some instances the employer recognizes the need to hire before a position needs to be immediately filled. In other cases the employer is struggling in the interim.

Typically, the public sector will have a human resources department that tracks hiring needs and will usually have qualified candidates on hand for openings. The private sector usually does not require such elaborate human resources departments.

Place Ad

The employer can place an ad through an online job page, in print or solicit potential candidates through peers. Typically, candidates will respond with resumes and/or applications. Referred candidates may be hired without submitting a resume or being interviewed. The public sector will use similar ad placement opportunities but will most likely have a database of potential candidates, which may eliminate ad placement.


The employer will review submitted applications or resumes and call the qualified candidates for interview. During interview the employer will not only further understand candidates' qualifications but also evaluate personality traits. In some instances, a highly qualified candidate can be overlooked because of clashing personalities or a "feeling" from the interviewer.

Selection Process

The process of selecting a candidate will be based primarily on personality in the private sector. Since the private sector tends to have a more close-knit working environment, getting along with your coworkers can be of great importance. Most of the time, the person interviewing candidates will also be the person working directly with the new hire. Personality in the public sector is important as well, but a majority of the time, the person who interviews potential candidates will never work directly with the new hire, making skill-set the biggest defining factor.