New Hires

Introduce new employees to the company through a prepared training program that covers subjects ranging from company holidays and in-house celebrations to where new job openings are posted and the dress code. Give new hires a chance to ask questions and meet co-workers so that when they settle into their roles, they can be more productive and work with a sense of belonging. Include a short training session that covers the company's philosophies, mission and core values. Explain the chain of command, safety regulations and human resource practices. Assign a senior employee or office manager to provide the training. Try to make a good first impression with the orientation process.

Employee Training

Draw up a plan that covers areas in which training is most needed for current employees. Base the plan on input from employees and management. Find out where mistakes occur most often, the costs of those errors and the trickle-down effects the mistakes have on other departments. Survey employees to find out what kinds of training they believe will be useful to help them perform their jobs better. Include specific skill sets, timelines and a list of who should attend the training. Provide suggestions for how to accomplish the training, whether it's done during working hours or whether the employees should attend training sessions outside of the work environment. Gather price quotes from professional trainers or training consultants, or develop a curriculum that you or another employee could teach. Demonstrate to management the results the training will produce and provide a return on the investment.