Add pertinent license information to your resume, especially if it is relevant to the position to which you are applying. Resume formats can vary and some people like to insert licensing information under its own section, such as “Licenses,” or under headings like “Education” or “Licenses and Certificates.” While you have flexibility in how you format the resume and layout your information, maintain consistency when detailing information for each license included on the resume.

Step 1.

Locate copies of your licenses and note the exact title, date and accrediting agency for each license.

Step 2.

Create a subheading for the license detail on the resume, such as “Licenses and Certificates” or “Licenses.” Insert the license information under this heading.

Step 3.

Give each license and its details its own line.

Step 4.

Include the name of each license, its accrediting agency, and the date of the license on each line.

Step 5.

Place a comma between the name of the license and accrediting agency, and between the accrediting agency and the date of the license.


Don’t include your driver’s license number on the resume.