When you roll over certain types of accounts such as 401(k)s, annuities and individual retirement accounts, the company you want to transfer the funds from will make out a check with the account proceeds to your name. With most types of accounts that require you to roll over funds to avoid paying a penalty fee, you must deposit the proceeds of the check you receive into a qualified account within 60 days to avoid paying the penalty fee. Financial institutions will require you to endorse the rollover check to the new financial institution.

Step 1.

Turn the check over and rotate the check 90 degrees so that you have the check positioned vertically instead of horizontally.

Step 2.

Write "Pay to the order of" on the first line at the top of the check. Most checks will have an endorsement box that contains several blank lines. If the check does not have an endorsement box. Use the top portion of the check for the endorsement.

Step 3.

Write the name of the financial institution you want to roll over the funds to on the second line of the check.

Step 4.

Sign the check on the third line of the endorsement.