The Canon PIXMA MP190 is an all-in-one photo printer that prints photos and documents. The Canon MP190 shows an error message that alerts the user to potential problems. An error message shows as an orange light and displays an error code on an LED screen. Following a few basic steps should get the Canon PIXMA MP190 operating smoothly again.

Step 1.

Check the paper input. If the LED shows "E, 2," the machine is either out of paper or the paper will not feed. Correctly load the paper, replace the tray, and press the "Color" or "Black" button to resume printing. If "E, 3" displays, there is either a paper jam or the paper tray is not open properly. Check the printer for a paper jam and clear it, then close and replace the tray. Resume printing.

Step 2.

Check the status of the FINE cartridge, If "E, 4," "E, 5," "E, 7," "E, 1, 4" or "E, 1, 5" displays on the LED, the FINE cartridge is either not set properly or not compatible with the printer. Open the cover and verify that the cartridge is installed correctly. Close the cover and resume printing. If the error still displays, there may be damage to the print head. If "E, 2, 2" displays with a flashing green light, the FINE cartridge is stuck. Turn the machine off. Remove the protective cover before removing the cartridge. Reinstall the cartridge and turn on the machine.

Step 3.

Check the ink absorber. If "E, 8" displays, the ink absorber is nearly full. Clear the error and resume printing by pressing "Black" or "Color." The ink absorber needs to be replaced before the next print batch begins.

Step 4.

Check the ink cartridges. If "E, 1, 3" displays, the ink likely has run out. Pres the "Stop/Reset" button and hold it for five seconds to resume printing. Replace the necessary ink cartridges. If "E, 1, 6" displays, the ink has run dry. Replace the ink cartridge, close the cover and resume printing.

Step 5.

Check the size and placement of the document. If "E, 2, 0" shows on the LED, the document is too small for the printer to detect. Verify the document is correctly placed on the print glass, then resume printing. If this does not correct the problem, then the "Print Head Alignment Sheet" has failed. Connect the printer to a computer and align the print head using the printer driver. Once alignment is complete, resume printing.

Step 6.

Reboot the computer when major error messages appear. If "E, 2, x," "E, 3, x" or "E, 4, x" display, the printer likely will require service. Turn the machine off, remove the power supply from the machine and let it rest for a moment. Reattach the power supply and plug it back in.


If the troubleshooting steps do not resolve the problem, contact your service personnel.