A major component in any effort to keep a business going for the long term is the creation of a sustainability plan. A sustainability plan presents a plan that will allow a business to continue its operations, in spite of any changes to the organization and its customer base. The sustainability plan should address how the company will handle such issues as capital funding, market changes, technological advances and leadership succession.

Vision Statement

The vision statement of a sustainability plan includes management's ideas on how the company will function in the future. Since most business owners believe that their ventures will go on indefinitely, a vision statement signifies how the business will continue to survive and thrive decades from now. The vision statement can also include how the company's actions will affect its industry, its local community and the world at large for years to come.

Activities and Impacts

The activities and impacts section of the sustainability plan outlines the steps the company will take to maintain its stability and the effects these actions will have. These activities will serve to achieve the goals mentioned in the vision statement. For instance, the company's vision statement can include becoming a leading employer in the local community. The activities tied to this goal can include acquiring new technologies, while the impacts will include hiring more skilled workers.

Goals and Objectives

While the vision statement gives the company's sustainability goals in vague and general language, the goals and objectives section shows these targets in more tangible and measurable terms. For example, the vision statement may include such phrases as "to become a leader in the local business community." The goals and objectives section will include language such as "double the number of employees by 2025" or "donate $50,000 to local education initiatives."

Planned Actions

The planned action section includes the specific actions the company will take to meet its sustainability goals. This section can also include the timeline for completing these tasks and the expected outcome upon completion. A planned action can include expanding the sales force by 50 percent in five years. The plan can list the expected outcome as increasing sales by 100 percent in five years with the new sales force.