How to Word an Endorsement Stamp

The most common kind of endorsement stamp is the type stamped on the back of a check to prepare checks for deposit. They are mostly used by small- to medium-sized businesses to quickly prepare a large deposit of checks without having to write out the complete deposit information on each separate check. Using an endorsement stamp not only makes the process faster, it ensures the deposit information will always be correct. To make sure that your deposits are processed properly by the bank, be certain to word your stamp accurately and ensure that all words appear in capital letters with no punctuation.

Word the first line of the stamp: PAY TO THE ORDER OF.

Make the second line of the stamp the name of your bank, for example: FIRST BANK OF AMERICA.

Make the third line of the stamp your bank’s nine-digit routing number, for example: 98-7436555.

Ensure that checks cannot be cashed -- only deposited -- by having the fourth line of the stamp read: FOR DEPOSIT ONLY.

Make the fifth line of the stamp the legal name of your company, for example: SUPERSTRONG GLUE INC.

Make the last line of the stamp the bank account number where you want the checks deposited. This number can be found on your bank statement and on your checks.