How to Dissolve a Partnership in Florida

In the state of Florida, you are allowed to form a partnership to start a business. The partnership must contain two or more people, with each partner contributing to the business. In most cases, each partner shares in the profits or losses of the business according to the percentage of equity he put into it. If one partner in a Florida partnership decides to dissolve the business, all the partners in the business must also agree to dissolve it. The Florida Department of State's Division of Corporations is the entity that deals with the dissolution of Florida partnerships.

Visit the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations website. Hover your cursor over "Forms" in the upper right corner of the page. Hover your mouse over "Partnership Forms" on the drop-down list and select the type of partnership you want to dissolve. For example, to dissolve a Florida limited partnership, click "Florida Limited Partnership (Includes LLLP)."

Click the "Certificate of Dissolution" text link to open the Certificate of Dissolution form in your web browser. Click the "Print" icon in the upper left corner of the form to print the form.

Fill out the dissolution form. The name of the Partnership, your contact information, the reason for the dissolution of the partnership, the filing date and the signatures of all the partners are examples of the information that you need to enter on the form.

Write a check for $52.50 made payable to the Florida Department of State. The $52.50 is the fee to file the Dissolution of Partnership form.

Complete a cover letter containing your contact information to add to the form. Your telephone number and return address are examples of information to include in the cover letter.

Review the information on the form to make sure it is accurate. Mail the form with the check and cover letter to:

Registration Section Division of Corporations P.O. Box 6327 Tallahassee, FL 32314

Call the Registration Section at 850-245-6051 to follow up on the status of your case.