Moving up the career ladder in your company requires a solid resume that shows your fit for a new position. A well-written resume should highlight professional strengths to show hiring personnel why you are qualified for the position. Moreover, it should demonstrate your loyalty and hard work for the company and how your experiences make you a stronger candidate than other potential hires. Take your time and think carefully when crafting an internal position resume. Be specific in listing skills and use past performance reviews to make your resume stand out.

Step 1.

Update your resume and ensure that it isn't longer than two pages. Resumes longer than a page or two may lose the reader's attention, so be concise. Focus on the skills and experiences that apply directly to the position. For example, if the promotion is a management role, demonstrate ways that you've shown leadership in your current position.

Step 2.

Include information on company accomplishments. Show just how valuable you are to the organization with bullet points on key accomplishments and accolades. For example, if you've initiated cost-cutting measures or took steps to increase client satisfaction, you may seem more qualified for a promotion because you've shown to have its best interests in mind.

Step 3.

Focus on professional development and continuing education. Discuss any classes or seminars you've taken that relate to the new position and how what you've learned enhances your skills. You may also identify future opportunities of which you plan to take advantage to show how your desire to grow and improve in the new position.

Step 4.

Include intra-company references. Ask for a reference from a colleague or former supervisor in the company; having the support and confidence of coworkers and supervisors can help secure a promotion.