How to Write a Promotional Email Letter

People receive several email promotions a day and decide whether or not they will delete them only a few seconds after opening them. When writing a promotional email for your business, keeping a few things in mind will make your promotion stand out and potentially bring money to your business. Taking the time to plan your promotion and who your target audience is, are the first steps in ensuring that you write a successful promotional email.

Plan your promotion and what you want the respondent to get from the promotion. Focus your emails on people who are potential clients. Don't send out emails to random people.

Get the reader's attention from the beginning of your email. Catching their interest from the beginning gets them to continue reading. If you provide tutoring services, think of a statistic for reading that grabs the attention of the reader and hooks them. For example, "The state of Texas bases the number of prisons it needs to build in the future on third grade state testing scores."

Explain to the reader the benefits of your promotion. Explain to them what you are offering, what they will receive and why they need it. For example, "Your child will receive instruction from a teacher with 20 years experience who will get them to the level they need to be by the end of the year."

Include a call to action. Tell the reader to do something. For example, "Call today to receive one hour of free tutoring for your child." Include your contact information including a phone number, email address or website address.