How to Remove Invoices From QuickBooks

Whether you billed the wrong client, charged a customer the wrong amount or had a customer that canceled his order, the original invoice for that transaction should be removed from the system to prevent any further errors. QuickBooks offers two ways to remove an incorrect invoice: void or delete.

Void an Invoice

Voiding an invoice in QuickBooks cancels the bill and changes the dollar amount to zero while still keeping a record of the statement in your database. You will be able to access the invoice number and all details regarding the transaction, should the need arise in the future.

  1. In QuickBooks, locate and open the incorrect invoice.  
  2. Click Edit from the toolbar.
  3. Choose Void Invoice. The changes will be saved and the dollar amounts will turn to zero.

Delete an Invoice

Deleting an invoice should only be done if you have not saved, distributed or printed the bill. QuickBooks permanently eliminates deleted invoices from the system, which means that there will not be any record of the transaction. Choose delete only if you are certain the invoice can be permanently removed from your accounting system.

  1. Open the invoice that should be deleted.
  2. Choose Edit from the toolbar.
  3. Click Delete Invoice.
  4. Choose Ok to save the changes.