Because online work has become more common since the advent of the Internet, people must learn to list their online work experience part of their resume work history. Telecommuting jobs and other types of online work have made it possible for people to pursue work outside of the traditional workplace. Knowing how to list non-traditional online jobs can be helpful in an increasingly virtual job market.

Step 1.

Examine your work history to determine whether your online work is contract work, self-employment or telecommuting work. This affects how you list the work on your resume.

Step 2.

Research location information of the companies for which you work. Being able to link your work to a company with a physical location will increase the legitimacy of your online work. Some potential employers might be tempted to disregard your online work experience if the company you work for does not have a physical location. List the name of the company, the city where it is located and when you worked there. For example, if you worked for Company XYZ, you would list your work as: Company XYZ, Anytown USA, 2006-2009.

Step 3.

Insert each job into your chronological work history. If you have worked online jobs concurrently with your current job, list your current full-time job first and then include your online work. Indicate that the online work is part time if that is the case. You can do this by simply adding a clarifying statement in parentheses: (part-time). In cases where you may have worked as a telecommuter, list the title of the position you held and the company for which you performed the work. Include the number of years you worked for the company and a detailed description of the work you completed. You can indicate that the position was a telecommuter position the same way that you listed part-time work, or you can include it in your listed job title. For example, accountants can list telecommuting work as "Telecommuting Accountant."

Step 4.

List any freelance work or any type of work for which you were paid as an independent contractor as self-employed. Provide an in-depth description of the work and services you performed. Rather than list as employers the companies that paid you, you can list them as clients. List this work by providing the name of the job or the title held and then "self-employed" in the part of your resume where you would normally list the company you worked for. List clients by including them in the work or job description provided next to the job title and employer information.