You can make a profit satisfying another man’s sweet tooth. If you are considering opening up your own sweet shop or candy store, you need to do your homework. A lot of planning goes into starting any type of business and you need to familiarize yourself with the candy market and general business principles before getting started with your own sweet shop.

Things You Will Need
  • Business plan

  • Business license and permit

  • Candy shop equipment

  • Confectioneries

Step 1.

Consider the type of sweet shop you want to run. Decide whether your sweet shop will be run from the Internet or have a physical retail location.

Step 2.

Find a physical location for your sweet shop if you intend to sell out of a retail store. The size of your location will determine the amount of candy you can keep in stock at any given time. Look for a location that is visible from main roads and is not blocked by other retail establishments.

Step 3.

Seek out information about selling candy from your home or running an online business from your home. You can get this information from your city’s business development department. Some cities do not allow food items to be sold from the home, even if you are not physically producing them there. Secure the proper business licenses for your business, as well as permits to work out of your home if you intend to do so.

Step 4.

Decide whether your sweet shop will sell only candy or offer other services, such as candy buffets for weddings, jar rentals or custom candy wrappers.

Step 5.

Prepare a business plan for your sweet shop. A business plan is a detailed report that maps out competitor information, profits your business will gain over a said amount of time and the intentions of the business overall. Use a business plan to secure funding to start your sweet shop. Look for banks that specialize in small business funding.

Step 6.

Research your candy. Candy is like fashion – it has trends. Research the current trends in candy and what local competitors are carrying in their stores. Start purchasing candy supplies based on popular sellers. Order candy in bulk from retail warehouses. Start contracts with candy vendors in order to get wholesale rather than retail pricing.

Step 7.

Purchase equipment for the candy store. Sweet shops contain apothecary jars to showcase candies, display cases, to-go bags and scoops. Contact a local restaurant supply warehouse or confectionery store to purchase supplies for your store.

Step 8.

Organize candies in the sweet shop to look appealing to customers. Try arranging candies by color, sweetness or even flavor. For example, have a tropical candy flavor section in one area while the chocolates are in another.

Step 9.

Advertise your business heavily before the grand opening. Utilize free Internet ads, newspaper advertisements and post signage where it is visible. Give away grab bags and taster bags of candy on grand-opening day to help entice customers back for more.