Participation in any state unemployment benefit program requires you to perform an active job search and keep a written job search log. How often you must search and the types of jobs you must apply for depends on the laws of the state. For each benefits week you must certify that you’ve completed the search requirements. However, that’s just a statement saying you looked for a job. If the state performs a random audit of your claim or has reason to investigate your claim, it asks you to submit your job search log for verification.

Step 1.

Read the request for your job search log carefully to understand what dates the state wants the search records for.

Step 2.

Review your job search records for clarity and the appropriate information. Transfer the information to the state’s official job search information if you didn’t keep the records on it in the first place. Use pen and legible handwriting.

Step 3.

Send the job search log by fax or mail to the address or fax number on the notice within the time window indicated.


Many states have a form they prefer you use, which you can find in your unemployment handbook or on the state’s labor office’s website. If the state doesn’t have a dedicated form, you can just write down the name of the person you interacted with, the position you applied for, the date and the contact information. If you file an application over the Internet, indicate the company, the website and the date.


This process may vary slightly depending on the state in question. Always follow the directions on the notice from your state’s labor office. If you have state specific questions, contact your state’s labor office for guidance.

Failure to submit the job search or submitting an incomplete job is grounds for the state to disqualify your claim.