A manager of a mobile home park must be able to multitask and remain calm under pressure. It is your responsibility to keep the utilities running, so any disruption in water or electricity will likely bring residents running to your door. Managers also need strong organizational skills to keep track of repair requests and incurred expenses for the rented homes. Diplomatic skills are needed to maintain the peace and mediate neighborhood problems.

Step 1.

Lease a vacant lot or a mobile home. The park manager will show units to prospective tenants, negotiate the leasing terms and conduct criminal background and credit history checks on the applicants. Most park owners will require a manager to collect a security deposit when the lease is signed. The manager keeps the books and records, receives the rent, pays the bills and keeps track of lease renewal dates.

Step 2.

Maintain the site and equipment. The manager is responsible for cutting the grass and keeping the premises free of trash. Managers receive repair requests and ensure the availability of hot water and electricity for all the homes. If the park has a pool, it is the manager's job to make sure that it is regularly cleaned and inspected for damage.

Step 3.

Evict the tenants when required. The manager must follow all state laws that regulate the eviction process. Eviction usually occurs after the tenant has stopped paying rent, but other causes include endangering the health and welfare of other tenants or participating in illegal activities on the premises.

Step 4.

Maintain the peace. If the environment is not quiet and peaceful, many tenants will leave. The park manager is expected to keep the lots leased, and a high vacancy reflects poorly on management. Try and resolve conflicts before they escalate.