How Can I Make a Flyer for a Consignment Store?

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Consignment shops are a great place to buy and sell quality clothing for adults and children. Many people choose to consign gently worn clothing in local shops instead of selling them online or donating them. These consignment shops attract shoppers and take a percentage of the items sold. Attracting consumers to the shop can be a challenge. A well-made flyer can advertise the store's location and also serve to recruit new consignors, which will boost inventory levels.

Choose a headline that will grab the reader's attention. A bold headline will help the reader retain the information. Make this your call to action and a reason for them to visit your shop.

Insert a photo of a stylish outfit. Using a visual representation of your products will attract buyers. People will be able to see the types of clothes that you consign in a glance.

List examples of the brands you sell on consignment. This will help target your buyers and consignors. The shopper or seller will know what to expect at your shop. Well-known brands should be displayed prominently to capitalize on their popularity.

List your location in a prominent place on the flyer. It is important that people know how to find your business. If there is room, put a map that highlights the exact location of your store with your store's logo or a noticeable icon as a marker.

Offer a coupon or a discount. Listing a limited time offer will create a sense of urgency for shoppers to visit you quickly. Clearly mark the details of the offer, including the deadline and the limitations.

Proofread your flyer carefully. Check it for incorrect grammar, misspelled words and mistakes. Make sure your layout is proportionate and looks balanced. Have an associate look the flyer over as well.

Print the flyer. If you choose not to print it in color, select a brightly colored paper to stand out among the competition.

Start a mailing list by collecting buyers' and sellers' contact information. Display a mailing list sign-up sheet by the register so customers can request to receive your flyers.

Distribute the flyers around town to other local businesses. As long as you are not in direct competition with them, most businesses are willing to help each other with advertising.


  • Save your flyer as an image file such as a PDF and email it to buyers and sellers on your mailing list.