How to Get Indian Grants

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Native Americans can get grant money from many funding organizations including the federal government. They are an excellent funding source since you don’t have to pay them back. The funds are apportioned according to specific uses. Before you apply, you have to be eligible for the grant program you select. The information you need to make these determinations will be included in the details of the grant you want to win. Once you have your grant source, follow the guidelines to apply.

Apply for Indian Grants

Determine your eligibility to receive funding under Indian status. Check with leaders in your tribe or review government listings to see of your tribe is a federally recognized tribe. You can check the Department of the Interior's Bureau of Indian Affairs (

Search the Internet to find grant sources. The federal government and private organizations have funds listings. There are Indian American sites that list funding sources.

Register with the funding source, if required. Some sites, like, require that you register to have your eligibility determined. The eligibility determination process can take five days.

Read the grant thoroughly to follow its guidelines for formatting your grant application. There may be instructions on file formats they will accept, such as only MS Word, .txt or .pdf files. Include whatever documentation needed for your eligibility.

Check your compiled information and application against the guidelines to be sure everything is complete and in order. Send in your complete application before the deadline.


  • Be sure to factor in time for any needed approval process, so that you don’t run out of time to apply for the grant. Send in a complete application along with the documents requested, so you're not disqualified on a technicality. Along with searching for Indian and Native American funds, you can search "minority" funding and look for the Indian subcategory.


  • When you’re awarded grant money, you don’t have to pay it back unless you use the money for different reasons. If it’s found that you used the funds for non-qualifying purposes, and as a result can’t show your deliverables, then you may have to repay the money.