How to Find an RN/WPL Number

RN, or Registration Identification Number, is an identification number issued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to American businesses that sell, distribute, import, and manufacture products that abide by the "Textile, Wool, and Fur" Acts. A business uses an RN number on products labels in place of a business name. In addition, the FTC issues WPL numbers, however, they no longer issue those numbers. WPL numbers are still in use, and businesses use them just like RN numbers. You can find an RN/WPL number by going to the RN Lookup Service Web page.

Go to the RN Lookup Service page in Resources.

Click the down arrow by "RN Type" to select the type of RN number you want to find such as RN or WPL.


Enter the rest of your information in each field except "RN Number."


Click "Find" to find an RN/WPL Number.



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